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Let me introduce the first three books in my Magic series!

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The city is enchanted. Not in that Disney way where everything is all moonbeams and fairy princesses. No, chaotic magic is taking over, and it’s up to people like Gina to stop it. Why Gina? Well, the problem with magic is that we’ve been trained to believe in a real world that doesn’t include it, which is why most of the city’s inhabitants would rather bury their heads in the sand and ignore the chaos. But Gina isn’t like the rest of them – she’s got a definite inability to ignore what’s bothering her. Yes, inability. That’s the word. You should be thankful that she’s so obsessive – the Earth’s future depends on it.

The Enchanted City is a comedic urban fantasy, and is book one in the Magic series. It can be purchased on Amazon.

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Passion has a book, and it just will not shut up. But don’t worry – Passion can handle one little book. And the hordes of the undead. And the interminable inquistiveness of her friends. Well, maybe you should worry just a little bit. After all, when Passion gets upset, anything could happen. It really doesn’t help that Death is actively trying to upset her. No, maybe you should all stay in this weekend and wait for what news Monday will bring. And if you hear a thudding at your window, it might be time to move to a different city, because the undead have probably already infiltrated your bank, football team, and parent-teacher organisation.

The Black Book That Went ‘Thud’ is a comedic urban fantasy, and is book two in the Magic series.

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If there is one thing Avid wants, it’s for the end of the world to get here already, but only so he can stop it from happening. Charged with the task of protecting the world from the foolishness of a goddess, and armed with nothing more than his wits and a commanding voice, Avid soon finds himself in the worst trouble of his life. And it all begins with laughter, some flames, and an unsettled score. But mostly flames. In fact, if Avid had to describe the week he’s been having, fire would feature prominently. But it’s alright, because he still has his wits, and surely fire can be put out by sarcastic remarks. Right?

The Little House Of Flames is a comedic urban fantasy, and is book three in the Magic series.