C. Black Creative

Welcome to C. Black Creative!

Here you can find details of the books I’ve written (or am currently working on) and, once a few things get sorted, where you can buy them. See that tab that says “C. Black Writing”? That’s where you’ll find such things.

And that other tab, “Experiment v4.2”? That’s my minimalist-electronica band. For more information, click through.

And a little bit about me:

I’m C. Black, and I’m a university graduate with a degree that is virtually useless in the job market, but which interested me – creative writing. I know how to write well, but that’s not all! I’ve also been interested in music for a long time now. While my first love was extreme metal, I’ve since added electronica to my list of likes. Also, gothic music, because. Anyway, I’m looking to make a living from creative pursuits, so I will hopefully be adding new products to my writing/music catalogues in due time.

Thanks for stopping by. And if you want more consistent updates on what I’m doing, follow me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/cblackcreative .